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Why SaaS Is the Future of Enterprise Applications

Why SaaS Is the Future of Enterprise Applications

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to end-users over the internet.[1] This article will explore why SaaS is the future of enterprise applications and why you should start looking into it.

What is SaaS?

We will define SaaS as an application delivery platform that allows an organization to deploy an application or service securely and dynamically. When we talk about SaaS, we refer to “cloud-based” delivery platforms that help organizations put an application in production quickly and have complete control over the data on the app.

Let’s say that we’re an e-commerce company and we’re looking to introduce a new feature into our website. The new feature might require sending a unique URL to a user to create an account on the website. SaaS is the solution we will use to send that unique URL and have complete control over the content of the message that is sent to the user.

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Why is SaaS the future of Enterprise Applications?

The answer is simple, scalability, and flexibility; SaaS gives organizations the flexibility they need to adopt the latest technologies into other processes without the hefty price they would usually pay for upgrading traditional software. While at the same time allowing for easy growth in both size and services without having to invest more in hardware or software.

This model allows organizations to grow with their business without having to commit vast amounts of cash up-front to be able to have what their business strategy needs at that point in time.

In today’s fast-paced technological world, timing means everything. It could either give the company an edge over its competition or put it completely off track.[2] That is why organizations who want to create history and stay on top must integrate SaaS.

Why Are Enterprises embracing SaaS?

Global market research company IDC expects software as a service (SaaS) to be the primary hybrid cloud software deployment model, representing 90% of the business-critical applications market by 2021. [3]

Similarly, Google expects cloud providers will reach a higher than 80% SaaS penetration rate for enterprise applications in the next few years. Several factors drive the adoption of SaaS within enterprises. Business agility: SaaS enables businesses to deploy applications faster and innovate by removing the need to buy a new software installation or managing a range of updates.

In SaaS, the software providers like MDG determine the best upgrade paths and provides value by delivering updates to business users rather than developers.

What are the benefits of using SaaS for Businesses?

The primary benefit of using SaaS is its scalable nature. SaaS providers are constantly developing and upgrading their offerings. When you subscribe to SaaS services, you get access to the latest versions of your applications.

You get the latest features with almost no waiting period. Your applications never change or stop working on you. These features make your application more efficient and valuable. Another significant benefit of SaaS is that there are no installation costs involved. You pay only for what you use.

You don’t have to pay for installing any software, server, operating system, or other resources. The most important thing is that the price of SaaS services is always comparatively lower than the cost of traditional software.

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Although SaaS has many significant advantages compared to traditional software licensing models, it’s just one of many options in the enterprise software market. When choosing an enterprise SaaS offering, make sure you choose one that provides a balance between features, functionalities, price, and service.

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[2] Embracing SaaS for Business Sustenance – DZone Cloud.



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